Best role playing games of 2015

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Date posted 21 Aug 2015

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Role playing games (or simply rpg games) are very popular among hardcore gamers with newrpg games being launched every now and then to suit their increasing demands. Be it on PC, android or any other platform, you have surely played an
RPG at least once in your life. It is because RPGs offer you a complete entertainment package unlike anything else in the gaming world. The games require a combination of wit, strategy and resource management skills to be possessed by the player in order to excel at it. There are a number of popular RPG titles which have redefined the very element of the games and taken them to the next level and I am sure you have already laid your hands on them. We shall now discuss about the threebest rpg gamesof 2015, made for PC, which have won million hearts in the shortest span possible.

  • Ø  Witcher 3: Wild Hunt- In the world of role playing games, the Witcher series is perhaps the most popular title. With the launch of the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, there has been a lot of speculations about the game and has been frequently compared to its predecessors and other similar game titles but Witcher 3 has stood out above all. The game offers excellent quests for the protagonist to overcome in order to complete the primary mission of the game, i.e., slaughter a monster which serves as the main antagonist. The game has set new standards in the world of role playing games thus acting as a worthy conclusion to the Witcher series.

  • Ø  The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind-Like the Witcher series, the Elder Scrolls series share similar popularity among gamers. These games offer diversity in a unique way with Morrowind taking the protagonist to an alien land. Different quests, strange people and unexpected encounters are among the best playing elements the game offers. If you are an addict of rpg games, then the Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is surely one of the best rpg games of 2015.

  • Ø  Pillars ofEternity: Ever played classic RPG titles like Baldur’s Gate, Planescape: Torment and Icewind Dale? If you loved them, you will surely love playing Pillars of Eternity, one of the most popular new rpg games developed by Obsidian Entertainment. The game incorporates different races, classes, religion combined with chaos to fight against. With elements inspired from the above games, Pillars of Eternity has been able to delight millions of fans offering them a taste of the classic RPGs.
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