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Hey guys,I'm not a fashion student or anything but I'm a huge fan of designer belts, I own a couple that I love to wear on the regular. I would love to create my own belt line just to have something of my own. My own brand of fashion/designer type belts. I'm not sure where or how to get started nor do I know who I can reach out to for advice on getting started. I was hoping that someone here could help me out on who I could get in contact with. I'm located in the Chicago area. All I'm looking for is to get some answers. Thank you avid reader of Fashion Beans, I haven't changed anything on my computer settings. However, for the past two days I've been unable to access the main website's articles, it loads them and then the screen just goes black where the text should go. I am using Safari and on a Mac. I was at my University Library yesterday however and on their student computers, using Internet Explorer, the articles loaded. Anyone else experienced this problem?Apologies, only just checked the forum again. The website now loads perfectly so I have no idea what was up. As far as I know I did not install any new update for Safari or whatever. For future reference, yes I do live in the U.K and for every article it loaded up and then within a second or two went black, well the actual writing of the article did. The rest of the website, such as the top was still visible..Thanks..

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