ROVER UC | Smallest Device in the World for Gold Detection and Treasure Hunting


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Date posted 13 Sep 2017

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ROVER UC | Smallest Device in the World for Gold Detection and Treasure Hunting

We offer a new generation of imaging gold detection devices it is Rover UC from OKM the pioneer in metal detection devices.

Rover UC is smallest and most lightweight gold detection device in world, and bundled with Android mobile to display scanning results.

It is based on a proven, reliable and powerful technology in gold detection with a lot of details that have been optimized  and thus it  is considered multifunction device  and able to locate buried targets such as gold, silver and others, as well as caves and tombs, tunnels up to 12 meter in the ground.

Device Features:

- 3 Operating Modes

1- Visual Magnetometer Mode: to prospects magnetic metals in the ground.

2- Visual 3D Ground Scan with Automatic or Manual Pulse and ground analysis directly on bundled Android mobile

3- Visual Metal Discrimination Mode: in this mode the devices discriminate between ferrous and non-ferrous metals (gold, silver...etc.)

- Smallest and Lightest gold detection device in world ever.

- It has a stick shape with simple and easy handle for comfortable use.

- Built-in FM Radio.

- It is bundled with Samsung Android Mobile that functions as a control unit and 3D graphics display.

- No Need for a Computer as you can see results on mobile directly with built-in app to analyze results

- Easy Multilingual Graphical User Interface (GUI).

- Use Standard AA Batteries for operation

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