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Date posted 21 Aug 2015

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Hey buddies, bored from the same online rpg games that you play on daily basis? Are you looking forward to seek some new adventure? Well, we are here to help. We are going to discuss some of the new rpg games that will hook you up and ensure that you will stay on your PC for long hours during
the day. Let`s take a closer look on what the developers and publishers brought for us.

1-     City Of Steam

Mechanics Games (the developer) and R2 Games (the publisher) worked really hard to come up with this amazing 3D game that will boost your adrenaline because of its game play. The game has an industrial age theme, loaded with a unique variety of weaponry to choose from and an item enhancement system. The game has some really breath-taking graphics (at least compared to other online games). So get ready to get lost in a world that combines both Sci-Fi and fantasy. One of the
main features too is the fast-paced combats that you will encounter. If you are searching for some rpg games online, then you should try this one for sure.

2-     Dino Storm

For all the Jurassic Park and prehistoric era fanatics out there, this is the game for you out of all the other rpg games. Developed and published by Splitscreens Studio, they were keen on bringing you
an adventurous dinosaur themed game that will keep you seated at the very end of your chair. Fight robbers and dinosaurs herds in order to become the sheriff. Since fighting those gigantic creatures isn`t that easy, the developers made sure to equip you with the most advanced weapons. Did I just hear laser canons? Happy hunting!

3-      Chrono Tales

Now this is a real fantasy game that you definitely don`t want to miss. You were sent back in time to change history. That is because you unleashed Hell King Ulam accidentally. The game provides its player with a pet combat system, you can use up to 3 pets simultaneously. Level up in order to increase your pets` abilities and be able to utilize them in different ways (such as mounts or combats).PvP combats are available in this game. Moreover, you can go for the world boss fights to gain some remarkable loot. As for customization, try to obtain Soul Stars which will provide you with different attributes. One of the best new rpg games available.

Hopefully, we were helpful in bringing you some of the best rpg games online and participated in keeping you away from the outdoors for more time. Happy playing my friends!

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