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Date posted 29 Aug 2017

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Chiropractic IS the Art, Science and Philosophy concerned with the preservation of health through the correction of function of the human spine and nervous system.

With over 32 years of clinical experience, Dr Gregg Anderson focus is to solve or help the patient in the shortest time frame. I use a number of techniques that enables us to see people from infants to those over one hundred. I offer patients acute care as well as maintenance and wellness care. In my practice I utilize Spinal Decompression which is widely used for the treatment of Disc Hernations or Spinal Stenosis. I also use the "Meditech" Bioflex Cold Laser System. This can be used for a wide variety of disorders including, but not limited to, inflammation, tendinitis and arthritis. I use traditional chiropractic techniques to help restore alignment and joint mobility. This is very important with respect to the treatment of nerve impingement syndromes (pinched nerves). When spinal vertebrae misalign they pinch or irritate spinal nerve roots. These nerves go all over the body and can cause pain and dysfunction anywhere in the body.
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