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Date posted 27 Mar 2017

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Within 2 days of smoking the e-cigarette, the nagging cough stopped.

Within 4 days she was able to sleep normally through the night.

Within 5 days her wheezing COMPLETELY stopped.

Within a week her breathing was completely back to normal.

She can now do things without worrying about whether she can smoke in the theatre, restaurant, night club, etc... (you can "smoke" the e cigarette anywhere!)

She is simply healthier and happier. Consequently, she's a happier person, a better wife, and a more loving mother. This product has literally changed our lives!


What do they cost?

When it comes to saving your life, money is not the issue. But the fact is, the use of e cigarettes is much cheaper than real cigarettes! Instead of buying a ridiculously expensive carton of cigarettes each week, you basically need only buy one e cig, of your choice, once. Then, as needed, the nicotine vapor and ignitor, that produces the smoke. Your ecig does everything the cigarette does... except, it tastes better (many flavors available), and doesn't kill you!

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