The One With The Dying Whale


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Date posted 13 Sep 2017

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t was time for the most dreadful day of my life to take place but hey, I did not know it back then. I got ready to take my first University of London exam for the subject of Microeconomics. In all fair means, economics is not an easy subject if you chose to do your specialization in it and that too from University of London. With my eyes red and puffy from lack of sleep I got in my car and that was the time I chose to remember God. The whole way to the examination venue I recited various verses from the Holy Book..

I will save you the pain of all the process of checking and being checked in to my seat at the venue because we have all been in that situation and as far as I know, none of us have good memories from there. Moving on, sitting in my seat, I noticed that I have been allotted the seat with a wall to one side and seat allotted to another institute on the other. After a few minutes, a young lad came to join me in the next seat. We exchanged friendly smiles and wished each other ‘good luck’ for both of us knew what lay ahead.


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