Wheat Flour Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters in India

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Date posted 04 Sep 2015

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Wheat Flour- Manufacturers,Suppliers& Exporters in india


Consume the best quality of wheat flour available

So, your recipe says you need wheat flour, better known in india as “Maida”. Just step out and buy ‘DR foods ltd’ Wheat flour. We, at our mill handpick the finest grains, which are then processed into the Maida that is available in stores and outlets for consumption. We understand the fact that each of our customers are in need for healthy food grains and our quality stands as our USP as we are known all over the world for our quality supply of food grains.

We, at DR foods Ltd take pride in claiming that we are one of the leading Wheat flour manufacturers. Our factory and mill are properly equipped to carry out the entire process of converting wheat into maida. Below given is a brief of the process we follow at our mill –

The wheat that we buy is of high quality and free of chemical usage like pesticides and insecticides. Yet, the seeds as they arrive at the mill are washed thoroughly.
Next, we send it to the tampering machine where it is tampered in water to separate unwanted substances.
After this the actual milling process begins where the seeds are rolled over to crush the wheat into powder.
The pure form of powdered wheat is shifted for refining purposes.
They undergo processes where the pH level is brought to the normal and required levels.
It is finally enriched before it goes into the quality testing machine.
DR foods Ltd is not only an in land manufacturer but we are also Wheat flour suppliers to all over the nation. Our maida is available nationwide in all leading stores and outlets. The different types of maida including the all-purpose maida, bread flour, cake flour, all rising flour, pastry flour, semolina and durum flour are also manufactured by us apart from our specialty – whole wheat flour.

Slowly and steadily, our scope of operation expanded and today we are the number one Wheat flour exporters to various nations as well. Our products reach the following countries – South Africa, Nigeria, Oman, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Madagascar, UAE, Saudi and Angol after making india a self-sufficient market.

The Wheat flour coming out from our mill is the finest quality and is 100% ready for consumption. We consider our customers to be one among our family and no person would allow their family members to consume a product that might harm their health. Understanding the difficulty in customers to go out and purchase the product, we have also begun our services online.

Today, anybody with an internet connection can place an order of wheat flour online. Simply log on to our official website, select the product, the weight that you desire, and place the order by giving out details like address and contact number. You will receive the product at your doorstep within the stipulated period.

For more information in detail please visit our website http://www.drfoodsagroexporters.com/products1.php?agro-foods=Wheat-flour-Manufacturers-Get-High-Quality-Wheat-Flour-Maida-in%20india

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