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Segment products

Get smart! Big marketplaces sell just about everything. But that does not have to mean that it’s useless to compete with them. Browsing products listed on an existing marketplace will give you an idea what people actually buy. Best selling products and services are always on the top. And they can have variations which are not on the surface and are not focused on.

Help your customers look on familiar things from the other side.

One way to do it is going small. Dedicate your marketplace to only one type of product, like pants. Or smallermen’s pants. Or even smallerboys’ pants. Want more? Under-five-year-old-boys’ pants! Customers prefer trusted big stores but they will definitely keep an eye on your dedicated marketplace. Because they will take you as an expert. This is a predictable human behaviorto buy car tires, you don’t go to the groceries store, you go to the tire shop.

Or instead of going small, you can go big. Why sell real estate only in one city or country when you can go global and unite sellers from other countries. Include land sales. Invite local agencies to support deals, help with visa, help to migrate and get citizenship. Dare something no one dared. Selling tremendous things on your marketplace takes the same amount of effort as selling tiny things. It is still the same platform.

The size is not the only feature for product breakdown. Another one is colour. Simple as that. How much easier it will be for a buyer to search products by colour? No one tried to launch a marketplace selling only red things or black, or blue, or white. If you want to buy a red dress to go to your friend’s wedding, where would you search for it? On Amazon or in All-Red Marketplace? I would visit both, which is already 50% chance to get a customer.

The material that the product was made of can also become the value that will bring your customers seeking for it. Another thing you should definitely considerproducts or services restricted or declined to sell on existing marketplaces. Give it a try, who knows…


Segment audience

People can be differentiated in many ways. Age, sex, interests, location, religion, language, devices they use, cars they drive, habits, hair color, job. Some groups of your potential customers can be united by one feeling like love or hatred or sympathy to something.

You don’t even have to offer chosen customers something unique. Just make your approach correctly, share their value. The most attractive thing in this way of searching for the perfect online marketplace idea is that people who share the same values tend to stick together. They visit dedicated resources and events, they establish association and organisations. In most cases they are easy to reach.

For example, you can build a marketplace of furniture for IT developers, or a multi-vendor service store for disabled people. Or here is a really fresh and daring ecommerce startup idea! An online learning marketplace for deaf people. Like Udemy, but with subtitles or sign language interpretation. I know they are working on it, but this has been and stays a long term issue. And hundred of million people keeps waiting for it.

Another great thing about working with a certain audience is that they don’t only buy, they can also become your vendors and sell products or services on your marketplace. Referring to an association of dedicated people you get many vendors at once which is 50% of success. Gather all dental clinics across the country to help customers find the closest one and make an online reservation. Federal Dental Association can assist you with reaching all the clinics to make an offer to join your online marketplace and to become a vendor. Or consider sculptors. They also have their own associations across the world. They definitely have something to offer!

Order complex ecommerce solutions there.

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