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Date posted 21 Aug 2015

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The popularity of role playing games has increased to a great extent over the years with the advent of free to play rpg gamesover the internet. Tell me how many of you haven’t played any online role playing games? I guess the answer is none. As we know, RPGs at first were only bound to platforms like Windows and PS but now we can easily play rpg games onlinejust by signing up with the game servers or websites. Like classic RPG titles, these games too incorporate strategic skills thus keeping the very essence of role playing games intact. A recent survey shows that the number of users playing rpg games online have increased substantially within these few years. We constitute that number. Don’t we? Let’s discuss about three such popular free to play rpg games which have made quite a buzz over the internet.

  • ·        Swordsman:One of the most popular rpg titles of 2015, Swordsman has been a crowd puller ever since its release. The primary story follows the journey of the protagonist, the sole survivor of a village which has been destroyed due to clash between ten ninja clans. Soon after the village is ravaged by the war, the player is offered to join any one clan and thus embarkingon his mission to defeat the other nine. The game includes traditional RPG elements along with a stern storyline and detailed description of each of the characters. The theme of martial arts being combined with a RPG is what makes the game so popular.

  • ·        Aion- Ascension: If you are a RPG lover, then you might have come across this online game title. Considered to be one of top online RPG games of 2015, Aion-Ascension takes place in the beautiful fictional land of Atreia where the player has to fight against a dragon lord bent to destroy the world for the second time. What make RPGs like Aion- Ascension so special are the choices available for the player in terms of factions and classes. To attract more hardcorerpg gamers, the developers have made the game free to play instead of the subscriptions needed before.

  • ·        Tera- Rising: A combination of fantasy,combat and surprise is what constitutes the game, Tera: Rising, often considered to be one of the best free rpg games available online. The game follows a simple concept: The more you play, the more you will be able to unlock secret content. The story follows the player who has been added as a new recruit to the Federation for killing the monsters called argons.
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