How to convert your QuickBooks Desktop file to QuickBooks Online

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Date posted 01 Sep 2017

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So you have QuickBooks Desktop clients who are ready to make the leap to QuickBooks Online? Good for you! As I mentioned last month, Intuit has made it much easier and faster to convert recently, leaving much less cleanup work to do after the fact.

In fact, there are some great resources you should bookmark—and use any time you wish to make a conversion:

First, you should download The Accountant’s Guide to Moving Clients Online, a three-part series designed to support you along the conversion journey for all your clients. Of particular interest to you will be, Part 2: How to convert QuickBooks Desktop data to QuickBooks Online.
Second, you’ll want to bookmark The QBDT to QBO Survival Guide, a great knowledge base article with links to instructions for importing QuickBooks Pro/Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise, or QuickBooks for Mac data into QuickBooks Online. (Yes, they all require different processes, but they’re documented beautifully here.) The Survival Guide contains video tutorials, screen shots, and links to trial versions you can use if your client data is currently in an older QuickBooks version year format. There are tips to getting the data file ready for import as well as troubleshooting steps to take in case errors are encountered.
Third, the Survival Guide also has a link to “Why some data doesn’t come over from QuickBooks desktop – Import Limitations (U.S.).” This describes how every type of data (list names, transactions, and various other features of a company file) in QuickBooks Desktop gets treated in QuickBooks Online, including if it converts and how, and if it does not convert.
These links are very valuable, both because they’re comprehensive and because they’re updated as QuickBooks Online is updated. For example, the “Why some data doesn’t come over” link correctly reports that multicurrency does indeed convert from Desktop into QuickBooks Online.

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